The Rural Development Wing (ARDW) of the Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation (RERF) is working in partnership with Government institutions, NGOs and research institutions to empower thousands of farmers to reconsider methods of crop protection and to improve methods of agricultural production. The wing focuses on delivering a positive, results-based message for the implementation of the aforesaid methods in order to improve the standard of living and quality of life of the agricultural communities of India. This project is based on thought-based technology (Rajayoga Meditation) combined with organic farming used in rural India for some years now.

India is agriculture-dominated country, where around 70% population resides in villages. The Father of our Nation, Shri Mahatma Gandhi believed that the soul of Bharat is present in Rural India. Our vision is to make this country "SWARNIM GRAM", and it is our utmost duty to transform each village into a"SWARNIM GRAM".

Even the Government of India has been constantly putting every effort to devise the suitable strategies to make an 'Adarsh Gaon' (Ideal Village). It has been realized that the lack of moral and spiritual values in almost all spheres of life is becoming hurdle-some in the proper and absolute implementation of the well-conceived development plans. It is poverty of character that should be eradicated from the society along with other social evils like addiction, superstitions, dowry system, disparity, factionism, communalism, religionism, etc.

The holistic approach for Rural Development as conceived by the Rural Development Wing (ARDW) of the Brahma Kumaris is to transform Rural India into SWARNIM GRAMYA BHARAT yet again, by re-establishing the moral, human and spiritual values that are the need of the day, like social harmony, unity, co-operation, goodwill, tolerance, trust, kindness, brotherhood and the like.

The pillars of HOLISTIC AGRICULTURAL & RURAL DEVELOPMENT as conceived by the ARDW are:.

The 3 revolutions reckoned by the ARDW as essential for transforming Rural India are

It has been felt by the ARDW that material development has to be accompanied by spiritual empowerment to achieve the goals of holistic Rural Development - Svarnim Gramya Bharat and our mission is on under 'Swarnim Gramya Yojna'.

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