Efforts of the Rural Development wing to protect environment underlines the need for planting trees for ecological balance, combating pollution and making available pure water and air and to ensure timely and sufficient rain fall. This initiative has been undertaken by many of the Brahma Kumaris centres to make this project a grand success across the rural hinterland of India.

This is a prestigious project through which the Brahma Kumaris organisation will be associating with the greatest task of the global community to plant trees on the one side and on the other side to clean the mind of the people for bringing about a complementary service role to solve the problems of the world.

Global warming and climate change are already causing severe shortages of pure and fresh water. Across the globe, earth quakes, cyclones, hurricanes and tornado activities are increasing. Extreme and unpredictable weather patterns are creating havoc on plant, bird, insect and animal habitats. The desertification of arable land, loss of tree cover and elimination of the rain forests are negatively impacting the availability of the very oxygen that we breathe.

Most of the human problems in the world are due to mental and environmental pollutions. This Project will definitely create awareness in the rural communities.