As should be clear from the foregoing, human kind is balancing on the tip of a rock or brink of a ridge and a precipice. The crisis which confronts our civilization because of nuclear weapons, collapse of or crisis in, world economic system, steep rise in the number of people living in absolute poverty, high rate of world population growth, environmental pollution, stress, drug addiction, etc., is unprecedented in history. Should the final tragedy as result of these problems individually or collectively, occur, no one of us whether rich or poor, or from a developed, developing or undeveloped country can escape.

The crisis that confronts and threatens us all constitues an evident fact of history and, if allowed to proceed in the linear fashion as it is proceeding, would soon be irreversible if we do not take a U, V or O turn even now. The earth belongs to all. No one among us can shy away from his or her responsibility at this hour.

In viewing the international scene and in pointing out to some of the grave problems that confront us, we have striven to express our concern and have given expression to the legitimate rights and aspirations of the people to be free from these problems and to work for the establishment of a new world order based on the fulfillment of aspirations of all people for justice, security, pollution-free atmosphere, world without wars, enmity and antagonism and a world of love, peace, health and prosperity in which wealth and power is not concentrated in the hands of a few to the detriment of the rest of the people.

We are all linked together by this shared world vision and by these perspectives that transcend the differences in social, economic, political or religious systems. In giving an analysis of the major world problems, I have striven to emphasise upon four points: That many problems are inter-related and, in order to solve them, they have to be attacked simultaneously. For example, the problem of Development is related to the problem of disarmament, over-population, crime, eradication of political and economic corruptions, etc, There is thus an interdependence of systems and inter connection of solutions.

That the roots of all problems lie in the individual or collective psyche and the solutions have, therefore, to be applied at that level. What is required for solving these problems is the will of the leaders and the people and what is of utmost necessity is some human values which are presently missing or are in short supply.

It has now to be realized that a thorough ethical overhaul of our political, economic, administrative and social system can redeem the situation. Moral values contribute in a decisive way to development and social progress as a whole. They bring unity and they strengthen the forces of world peace and international understanding and remove all mental barriers standing in the way of solutions and creating divisions. That since the problems originate from some kind of malady afflicting the consciousness or the souls of human beings, the solutions also have to be spiritual in their essential nature and therefore, such spiritual knowledge of rational and universal nature is essential as can remedy the awareness and the sub-conscious of the people. The very ethos of spiritual knowledge is to keep away from power blocks, aligned against one another, to reject narrow and outmoded doctrines that have the motive of domination over others, of exploiting other or causing harm to others or that given rise to tensions and hate. That in order to eliminate stress, tension and negativity affecting the mind, practice of meditation is essential.

Since these conclusions influence our approach, methodology and strategy to the world problems, it is bit necessary to throw some light on the validity of these formulations that are the very premises of the 'philosophy of peace'.

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