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India is a country of villages and 70% of its population lives in villages. To build INDIA strong with plentiful of various resources and happy people we have to make step towards model villages is unavoidable and essential. To give shape to the model villages and make it a reality the following points are more essential.

Ardw Village Image FULL AND PROPER UTILIZATION OF NATURE’s FIVE BASIC ELEMENTSELEMENTS (Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space): For the welfare of human beings Nature is providing these five elements with no selfish motive. With proper utilization of these five elements country can be prosperous with pollution free environment. Solar electrical energy from Sun light can be used for cooking, lighting, pumping water for irrigation and drinking from stored rain water. Wind energy can also be used in the similar way. Mother earth can be used for production of varieties of energetic food-items, vegetables, fruits, flowers etc. Such activities in village make the village green, healthy, wealthy and happy, colorful, pleasant and attractive with birds and animals.

AVAILABILTY OF BASIC NEEDS: Hard working people are the attraction of any village. For a model village availability of proper necessary tools and basic needs essential in life are required without which how it become? Therefore everyone in the village are required to have balanced energy giving food items, suitable seasonal protective dress and other requisites and required things such as well ventilated house to reside. For high and fast productivity latest modern scientific tools and agri-machinery which are easy to use are also essential. These things supplement the physical energy for productive use.

TRAINING, SKILL, HEALTH, CO-OPERATION AND ENTERTAINMENT: round development spiritual, psychological and moral values play a very crucial role. To make their lives exemplary, valuable and respectable training and motivating programs, video presentations, publicity, sports and games events, cultural activities and varieties of other skill development work-shops are to be organized. Along with agriculture and hand-crafts cattle is also a type of property of villages. So its care, sustenance and development strengthen the financial status of village. Every village resident has to respect social equality, unity, co-operation, brotherhood etc., and imbibe these values and rise above the limitations of customs of caste, color, creed, religion and mix-mingle like members of one family and help each others growth and development. This will develop the atmosphere peaceful. For all-round health (physical, mental, emotional, psychological, spiritual and social) development required facilities are to be provided and made available so that they can be self supporting without depending on others for small thing. Clear environment, better house, enough cattle, food, clothing, internal unity, happy living, healthy growth of all in every village.

Present day village, Leaf Less tree like village life. No History, No Humanity, No Law, No Energy, No Truth, No Wisdom, No Growth Education, Science, Political, Food, Business, Happiness and work.

The word ‘village’ brings into our mind’s eye a picture of green fields, fruit and flower gardens, trees, creepers and lakes all around where people live with healthy and smiling faces. The environment is lively with laughing, playing, friendly people of co-operation. Different varieties of food items, fruits, flowers, vegetables, raw items spread all around on the ground. Farmer with folded hands is offering them for everyone’s well being.

ARDW Village Image But today’s farmer’s life had reached a stage of a dried tree. Tears of sorrow are being shed by him. As proper air, water and land are required to keep a tree full of green, similarly to make life’s tree tall and wide certain basic living values are necessary and if we know them we can do all-round development of the village.
Government tried to educate all the villages’ one after the other. This education made them literate but moral values education was not given. For this reason their morality, spirituality and self-development did not take place. Science and Technology continuous development could land man on moon but the same man failed to develop good-will and humanity in him. Politicians have ruled the country but they hadn’t given true justice and morality. Man can improve the quantity of food production by good seeds and fertilizers but at the cost of its quality content. Due to this reason energy giving protein levels have dropped down. Handicrafts and Mechanization had reached villages but the value of honesty is murdered. To have happiness we lost our wisdom and prepared to do anything. For our comfort we made trees as instruments but we have not given a thought to protect them in return. We have driven out our values like Wisdom, Honesty, Faith, Morality and co-operation from our life consequently we are suffering. In case we want to bring back the abundance and happiness in village life and make the village wealthy and cheerful we have to inherit back the lost values into our lives.
Spirituality in education, Science for social development, Wisdom linked enjoyment, Honesty in business, proteins food, Work as worship, Wish for such development in every farmer and village.

Two forces are working predominantly on this beautiful stage of creation. One is human being and the other is nature. When two co-workers nature is similar, equally then in between there will be co-operation, support and due to that his healthy and wealthy progress appears in headlines. If there is difference in mentality or nature then problematic and deconstructive environment is created. At present in between nature and human being differences have cropped up in their working nature. At the starting time of creation in both of them giving nature was there, and today nature’s nature is comparatively the same but human being has become a begging natured from divine natured.

NATURE AND MAN IMAGE Fire is giving heat and light, air is giving life and sky has giving space to fly. We are sowing a few seeds in mother earth and in return getting in thousands. Every drop of water from river is causing green revolution and making life happy. In this way nature is giving both the hands as boons. But in between all these things human being is standing as a question mark and his nature is different from that of nature’s nature.

Nature’s smallest being is also giving something or other. A small worm is giving a valuable silk and a snail is giving costly pearl. Fish is giving cod-liver-oil and a lamb is giving wool. All other things of the creation along with nature are maintaining a beautiful balance.

Whereas the so called food giver human being is giving something different, waste thrown out human beings is polluting the earth, smoke emitted by vehicles is increasing, which causes pollution in the air. Dirty water let-out by factories is polluting the rivers. In human beings who is cutting the forest trees and causing danger for forest living animals and other creatures, the cruel nature is increasing.

Today it is necessary for man to talk to him-self. Check his usefulness and bring change in himself. Equal to nature(creation) he has to become a contributor and establishes good relation with it. Then they can create suitable condition for happy living.

Five elements give health and wealth as gift, Man gives pollution and violence and become a question mark?

Nature’s boon and Human being: Earth, water, fire, air, sky bestowers of boons- Nature, human being has become a question mark for boon giving nature, earth pollution from chemicals, air pollution, water pollution, increased violence, destruction of nature.

Migration of people from villages to town, social customs of blind faith eating away the green leaves of village life, child marriage, deaths, cast differences, horoscope, sacrificial killings, dowry deaths.
Social customs and blind faiths: when we work in fields we see different worms hidden under green leaves of green plants. Such unexpected things are seen, but these things slowly eats away the leaves, with this the plants become leafless and get dried. To eradicate these things varieties of chemical insect sides are used.

SOCIAL EVILS IMAGE Different bad customarily faiths have spread their roots into our social life like these insects and worms. People living in villages knowingly ignore them. These things have spread their roots so deep as habits and consequently they suffer quite often. These things are affecting our lives at social and national level badly.

The main reason for increase of these worms of bad customs and blind faiths in that the educated people are moving the towns become greedy and start living there for better earnings, with this towns are becoming bigger and villages are becoming smaller. In this way the un-educated people living in small villages are bonded by the chains of these worms like old customs and blind beliefs. These illiterate and innocent people believe blindly with craft and old customs, to gain something through these short cuts they loose much more social bad customs like child marriages have affected the villages. They are putting the lives of boys and girls in danger by bonding them by these marriages at an early age. Cast feeling causing differences between individuals is directly stopping the village development. With this reason village get split into pieces and unity and power of joining together get destroyed. Due to this nation also becomes weak. Forecasting the future through planets position is binding man like a fishnet and making him lazy and for such people luck also do not favour. To become prosperous by pleasing deities man with blind faith is killing innocent living beings sacrificial offer, dowry system which is weakening the foundation of the society.

To protect ourselves from these bad customs intellectual awakening and spiritual knowledge is necessary with which we can save our lives, families and the village.

Child marriages, dowry system and cast feelings do harm to society, blind beliefs, witchcraft, sacrificial killings increase suffering of society stop migration to towns and to make a model village everyone has to come forward.

Biggest intoxication (is to become) Narayan: “Rivers of ghee and milk” indicate plentiful of cattle wealth of villages. Villagers are considered stronger, hale and healthy because they eat fresh and energetic food. Since past few years due to different dirty, poisonus drug addictions villagers habits are getting adulterated. School going children, youth and aged people are affected with no exception. These intoxicants are affecting the development of children, adolescents and adults are becoming dull and useless people and old people are becoming house of diseases. With these things health is lost, wealth is wasted, every home has become a peace less. Starting from personal life to village and national is heading towards downfall. Now the question is how to save from this? The answer for this is as a thorn is removed with a thorn similarly intoxication of drugs has to be replaced with the intoxication to become Narayan.

SOCIAL EVILS IMAGE In the picture it is shown that with the strength of intoxication to become Narayan the decease of drugs intoxication is going down with folded hands. The meaning of intoxication to become Narayan is that we have to put the essence of Godly Knowledge and Rajyoga meditation into practical life. While taking care of personal responsibilities intellect to be always connected with Supreme Father, with his pure remembrance feel blissful, keeping self immersed in the intoxication of becoming Narayan. Now we can fulfill responsibilities of the home and related people is shown in the picture as different examples. While taking food if we are in the remembrance of God the food become positive energy filled and give strength to soul. When you are going somewhere Supreme Father gives presence in Brahma’s body in subtle form to be experienced with you and the journey will be comfortable, whether house work or office work then you are doing if you remain in the remembrance of God your concentration power improve and perfection in the work come. Daily routine work Gods remembrance will be fruitful, while drinking liquids in the remembrance of God will make them energetic food. Living with family members the strength of intoxication of God make the mutual relations become friendly filled with love and affection like happy home.

All other intoxicants spoil the health and wealth but this intoxication of God make us more wealthy in all respects. So, if we bring this into our practical life the demon of drugs intoxication will leave us forever.

With good thoughts the garden of life will become beautiful, God’s remembrance will vanquish the demon of vices, intoxication of Narayan bring true bliss.

: Intoxication of Narayan is biggest of all, Supreme Father Shiv, Supreme Soul. Immersion in the object of God’s remembrance is the true intoxication of Narayan, demolition of demon of vices.

Field of activities, self development is the base of Golden Age, spray of good feelings and good wishes, good qualities and divine habits, bloom and fructification with the sun of knowledge.

Removal of waste grass of vices and bad habits, spray the fertilizer of physical and mental effort along with money expenditure, give the water of true company use the plow of knowledge in the field of life, seeds of good thoughts to be planted.

In farming as we saw a seed in the land and after proper care and attention the same seed gives multiply quantity in return. In the same way on this beautiful stage of the world we are all souls as actors playing our roles and based on our actions we reap our fruits. For this reason only ‘as you do so you get’ ‘as you sow do you reap’ etc., To make a seed fruitful we have to put on that different types of efforts. In the same way to make our acts as benevolent and fruitful we have to pay attention and to be result oriented.
DEEDS IMAGE It is shown in the picture to do the farming of benevolent acts, first of all we have to use the plow of knowledge on the land of life which means we have to start hearing knowledge. After this the seeds of benevolent thoughts are sowed which means start creating good thought towards self and all others. For the seed to grow fertilizer is required. Further, we surrender our body mind and money in the divine service. Everyday reflect on the true knowledge we hear. As the sun reaps and its heat help the crop to mature, same way the ray of the sun of knowledge make the seed of acts to get matured which means they become powerful. As waste plants and stones are removed from the farm land to make total soil fertility, in the same way vices and bad habits to be removed to avoid energy waste so that actions become benevolent.

We spray pesticides and protect the farm plant, in the same way to make our actions fruitful we should have good feelings and good wishes towards self and all others. When crop is ready, we can get financial profit by selling it. In the same way the result of benevolent actions in our life body, mind money and people all of them will be hale, healthy and happy. Life will be filled with the aroma of divine virtues. Attitude will become elevated and along with self, village, society, nation and the world will get developed.

India once again will become paradise when farmers understand the ‘farm of actions’.

Soul controlling 5 horse like sense organs. Gowtham Budha, victory over nature, made angry elephant, soul conscious man, mind intellect and resolves, body conscious man, cruel animal, dried tree of life, sexual desire, anger, attachment, greed, ego. IDENTITY OF THE SELF IMAGE Self realization: we should have to realize our self to do the farming of elevated action on the earth of our life. Due to lack of correct understanding of self now a days man’s life has become problematic. Man’s life is like a tree with no leaves and is getting dried. Man’s nature to loot, torture, killing has affected the entire world of living beings and they have become cruel in nature. Body consciousness has increased and other vices like sex lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego have also increased. In such situation right understanding of self only can liberate him from the problems.

‘Who am I’? For this question the most correct answer is that I am an immortal point source of conscious energy situated at the centre of the brain in the head above the shoulders. Body is my chariot which I am controlling through the five sense organs like horses. I the soul belong to an entirely different world of souls far away from this world of five elements which is filled with golden red light where peace and purity is un-ending. From there I the soul has come into this beautiful world to play my role. I the soul have three subtle powers called mind, intellect and resolves. Mind expresses the thoughts, intellect analyze and judge and resolves are recorded as impressions. Soul’s basic nature is peace. ‘I am a peaceful soul’. Remembering this continuously without break we can tame angry and cruel living beings also by donating peace. For example, Gowtham Budha could take a mad angry elephant through his power of peace is popular. Remaining in soul consciousness, continuously reflecting on the inherent qualities of soul, the tree of man’s life will become green once again.

Egoistic and cruel natured man’s life is like dried tree and same can become green with the water of soul consciousness.

Page 16: Micro industries – Rajayog: In the word ‘udyog’, ‘yog’ is a part of it, but what is meant by Rajyog. It is a proverb ‘yogh karmeshu kowshalam’ (yoga develop the skill of working) by practicing Rajyog, skill becomes part of all works we do. Whatever the work we do for our livelihood, with the remembrance of God while working makes the same good and of higher order. In the picture in different hands of the man different instruments are shown and they symbolize different works, art of drawing, education, agriculture, handicrafts, labor work and cooking. While doing these works with hands, by engaging mind and intellect in the remembrance of God man will get double benefit i.e. outwardly and inwardly both benefits are obtained. Skilled person is appreciated by every one and with his works society, village, country get developed. By practicing Rajyoga our present life become better and future also become brighter.
rajyoga IMAGE The method of drip irrigation introduced by Israel, drop by drop of water wet the roots of the plants. With this, plants grow healthy in a balanced and steady way and the yield of nutritious sweet fruits also increase. In the same way if man’s mind is wetted with the drops of God’s remembrance every second, mind becomes pure and powerful.
For this we fix ourselves in soul consciousness and use every drop of our thought in remembering God’s good qualities and his activities. With this we experience bliss and conform beyond body and this is called Rajyog.

As drop by drop of water make plants to give fruits and flowers, remembrances of God make the mind swing in comfort beyond sense organs.

Handicraft Industry – Rajyog : Supreme Father Shiv Supreme Soul. Drop by drop water makes the healthy growth of the plants. Similarly mind to be fixed in God’s remembrance, while doing business, education, agriculture, micro industry, cooking, doing every work, this will be called as Rajyog. Remembering Supreme Father Shiva in all our daily activities.

Obtaining diamond like life, power of withdraw, power to pack up (ever ready), power of tolerance, power to face, power of co-operation, power to contain, power of discrimination, power to judge (decision making), by churning of good thoughts, getting good health, butter, cheese, ice cream, milk, butter milk, increased cattle wealth. WHITE REVOLUTION IMAGE Green revolution and white revolution in India after independence are like boons. White revolution means increase in milk production and green revolution means increase in production of food products (grains). These two revolutions are mutually supporting.

In the picture white revolution’s manifold benefits are shown (depicted). With this, cattle wealth will increase, Milk is said as wholesome (balanced) diet. By consuming different milk products like curd, buttermilk, cheese, butter, ice cream, ghee, rabadi etc., body becomes healthy and strong and body strength will be increased.

Like white revolution, churning of good thoughts give many benefits. Select any one good thought, churn it in the mind, then mind will produce flow of positive thoughts. With these positive thoughts many powers of soul and communication are awaken which are mentioned here under.

With these types of different powers arising out of churning of positive thoughts life can be made like a diamond. Churning of positive thoughts give many powers, life become like a diamond, world become beautiful.

In villages different handicraft industries and cottage industries are there. To make living comfortable in these professions, if the experience and knowledge of Rajyoga meditation and divine knowledge are added, then working skills will improve and excellence in the work will come. With this, inner happiness will increases and the industry will get developed. For example some cottage industries are shown in the picture. As earthern pot maker keep a ball of wet mud on the wheel hub and rotate the wheel and make beautiful pots and other times. In the same way, souls which have become valueless like mind by the vices, can be transformed into divine souls with the knowledge of world drama. In that case along with wordly earning, eternal earning also can be done. Cow boy make curd out of milk and by churning milk different profitable items also can be made. Along with the above he can reflect on the jewels of knowledge and to improve self confidence, he can generate new thought provoking points. Tailor cuts the cloth with scissor and stitch with the needle and make beautiful dress. Similarly with the scissor of wisdom one can cut and separate the burden of sorrowful actions and with the needle of friendliness, promote good actions by which both benefits of physical and spiritual can be enjoyed.
professions Image Cobbler makes beautiful slippers and shoes by cutting the leather with which foots were protected from heat and dirt. Along with it, if he can cut the attachment to skin i.e. consciousness in himself and others, he can protect the soul from vices and get benefitted of both the worlds i.e., corporeal and incorporeal.

The way rose petals are made into jam with the help of fire, collecting drop by drop of flowers essence bees fill honey, with concentration writing letter after letter book of knowledge can be made. In the same way, while engaged in these professions for lively hood if every single thought is made with the power of God’s remembrance, we can do lot of good for the self and the world. As joining of letter by letter a book is made, jam is made with the flower petals, spiritualism in professionalism has bearing on the formation of better world.

world transformation through self transformation, Yogi do Godly remembrance in profession. Jam from rose petals, honey from drop by drop, book from letter by letter.

White revolution, green revolution, spiritual revolution, happy society through co-operation from every one.
Relating farmers a popular saying is ‘without co-operation no development’, because farming work cannot be done single handed. In this co-operation from many is unavoidable. Green revolution is the beautiful result of co-operation from all. With this farmers became plentiful and professionals, got raw materials naturally and their production will increase. In the same way with the co-operation of all white revolution became possible. Milk and its products have made the country self sufficient, along with the increased wages villagers got financial benefit. But for all round happiness in life along with the above two revolutions or more revolutions called spiritual revolution is necessary.
PROSPERITY THROUGH CO-OPERATION IMAGE This revolution also will be successful with the cooperation of all. For this we have to understand what soul is, and learn the art of communication with all in soul consciousness. By doing this way the brotherly feeling will flow. Happiness, peace, bliss, love, purity, knowledge, power etc., inner values will develop. If this flag of spirituality is hoisted in a village, among all village feeling of mutual respect will increase, hereditary blind beliefs will end, people get freed from vices and become worthy with virtues and remembered in history. Prajapita Brahma Kumari Iswariya VIswa Vidyalay with its head quarters at Mount Abu is successful spreading the spiritual revolution in our country and other countries of the world through many of its local branches to make the people healthy, wealthy and happy in their lives. With this all people, particularly India and the whole world in general will get united and the voice of brother hood heard everywhere and the golden age will come on the earth.

Co-operation is the only base for development, with the co-operation of all only, world become a place of happy living.

Aim and Object of Village Development Wing: For the past few years Rajyoga education and training institute is extending many services for spiritual development of many sections of society. In these services, village development wings services are worth mentioning. In India 80% of the people live in small villages. Village development wing wish for all round development of village along with economical development, moral, social and human values. motherland IMAGE Every village has to become a model village where people are united with brotherly feeling, friendly nature, good will and co-operation to one another and a wealthy village. Let them be free from blind faiths and customary compulsions, every man and woman be addiction free, educated, self supporting, mind and body be happy and healthy. Spiritual knowledge is required for all these things as this will help man to imbibe himself with divine qualities.
Keeping all these points in view, village development wing is extending its services.

Implementation section of these points is engaged in the following services: