The greatest wealth is health. Irony is the Hygiene of the mind. Our holistic health camps are leading for a physical, mental and social well-being with addiction free rural life but not merely for the absence of disease or infirmity.

Importance and Need of The Project:
People suffer a lot due to diseases. We can promote health education and inspire people to take care of their health before they fell ill, as it is said that “Knowledge is Power”. Health exhibitions can be used to educate people. And organizing essay or painting competitions regarding Healthy life in schools /colleges can also be useful to promote Health Education.

LIFE STYLE MODIFICATION (Exercises, Diet and Rajyoga Meditation)
Exercises, Diet and Rajyoga Meditation are the three main tools for Healthy Life-style In the 21st century, most of the diseases are due to imbalanced life style. Lack of exercises, Fast food, and stress are getting universal truth in today’s society. Rajyoga meditation has been proved as an effective technique for Healthy Living. And thus, intense efforts like Exercise, Healthy Diet should be made to change the life style of every individual.

Golden principles of the Healthy Life Style
Knowledge is power
It is believed that “MONEY IS POWER”. But in health field this principle is not applicable. If it would have been true, then the one with lots of money should never fell ill. But the truth about health is something different. In these days, the diseases like CAD, Depression, and Diabetes are very common. The more we get information about health; we will be more inspired to live healthy.

If someone is able to identify the cause of the disease, then that person can prevent himself from suffering. Proper education about the health can change someone’s life. It is very useful to read the books related to health and also to attend medical seminars. We should always get the right information and if we practice all these things with our own interest then it makes easy for us to implement it.

Most easiest and simple way for healthy life is- Regular Exercise
To make our self-complete healthy, the easiest way is a regular exercise. We feel that it is difficult to bring changes in the food. It is quite tough, and it requires some sort of determination to do so. Exercise would be the best way. If we practice the habit of walking, we can easily improve our health up to 50%. Actually, exercises are like Magic stick. If we practice regular exercises, we can control Blood pressure, Diabetes, Heart problems. While practicing exercises spiritual energy gets enhanced, this in turn increases the power and enthusiasm.

Proper food is the best medicine
The father of modern Medicine Hippocrates told that we should take the food as if we are taking the medicine that is we should take only limited food. In Ayurveda it is said that “No more medicines are required for the one who keeps attention in his/her food habits and Medicines are not useful for the one who does not keep attention”. So, we should not take food more than our requirement.

Since decades ago we are searching for the nectar of good health, but we should realize that our food habits are the nectar for healthy life. The following are equal to nectar for health
Fruits: Nature has given us many fruits which contains many useful healthy juices. If we start taking fruits in more quantity, we can prevent the diseases like Acidity, Ulcer, Mal-absorption syndrome, Ulcerative Colitis, Blood Pressure, Heart problems, Arthritis and so on. Sprouts: Wheat, Green grams, ground nuts and soybeans can be used as sprouts. We should take these sprouts every day or at least 5 days per week. The immunity power will be more in the sprouts. Handfuls of sprouts contain more vitamins than one Becosule capsule. The sprout also contains more of life forces. Whole Grains: In these days, more people, especially poor people are prone to anemia. This is due to the deficiency of iron content in the body. Ragi, jawar, bajra, soyabean's, maize contains a higher percentage of iron. By the usage of these grains, we can prevent 60% of anemia, cataract, skin diseases, and obesity.

Rajyogi Life Style:
Rajyogi life style is complete life style, which if adopted correctly can help to lead a healthy life. For example, early morning meditation reduces the secretion of cortisol hormone. And happy hormone like Endorphins will be produced. Vegetarian diet improves health. It has been proved that mind is affected by our own thoughts. When food prepared with pure peaceful thoughts it improves health.

Nutritional Education Programmes
In these days, large number of people are suffering from Anaemia. Because of the deficiency of Iron content in the body, Haemoglobin percentage reduces in the body. If we take the proper diet, we can recover the anaemic problems. If we educate the people about the food in an attractive manner, then 60% of the patients who suffer from anaemia, cataract problems, skin diseases, obesity bone diseases can be reduced.