Welcome to experience "GOD's CANOPY"

Remembrance of the supreme Being is the Canopy of GOD. In which one will be protected in all situations.WHO IS GOD....? GOD is the Supreme Being, He is One and He is a Point of Radiant Light, He is the Creator and preserver,He is the Highest, He is Non- Physical, He is Omnipotent, He is a Conscient Being, He is All -Loving All-Knowing, He is Immutable, He is morally perfect,He is absolutely just, He is the Supreme Benefactor, He is the Saviour of the Souls, He is the Purifier. The home of the soul and the Supreme Soul is the region of subtle golden-red light which is above the universe. It is also called as "Sweet Silence Home".. It can be visualised during meditation.

May you be a victorious soul and a conqueror of negative - the five vices (lust, anger, greed, attachment &ego) and always experience being under the canopy of protection by staying within the line of the code of conduct. Remembrance of GOD is the canopy of protection. To the extent that you stay in remembrance, you will accordingly experience His company. To stay under the canopy means to remain constantly safe. Those who step out from under the canopy even in their thoughts may be attacked by the five vices. As long as you remain under the canopy, the five vices would not dare to effect you. However, if you step outside the line,vices are very clever. Therefore, become a conqueror of vices with GOD'S company that is GOD'S CANOPY.

Let us practice being under this CANOPY daily to experience blissful and peaceful life.

Today's God's Direction
Today's God's Direction
Dear Viewer,Practise it for Blissful Life