Farmer's empowerment through Farmer's Forum Approach for Organized Farming: The wing has also realized the values of unity, harmony and integrity as the most important elements in farmers' upliftment through Innovative and Hi-Tech farming done in an organized way. As a result, now the decision has been taken that banks and Government may be helped by the active workers of the wing in the country to form and organize Farmers' clubs, which are envisaged to play a very crucial role in the future improved agriculture. Farmers' club members shall be well equipped by linking them with Government Depts., banks and financial institutions, Krishi Vikas Kendras, Agriculture Universities, Scientists, Dairies, R & D org., NGOs, etc., to adopt following 3 principles and equation. Farmers enlightened with knowledge of SPIRITIUAL & HUMAN VALUES like UNITY+ BROTHERHOOD+TRUST+RESPECT+ COOPERATION = FARMERS' CLUB Farmers' club having access to various knowledge inputs through Government/ Devp. Agencies INFORMATION + INNOVATIVE APPROACH + IDEA = Knowledge based Agriculture. Knowledge based Agriculture + Appropriate Tech. + Moral Values = RURAL PROSPERITY VALUE BASED RURAL PROSPERITY IS THE AIM IN MAKING BHARAT, THE SVARNIM GRAMYA BHARAT.