Cleanliness is indeed next to Godliness and the path to lead a holy life. Upkeep of village, our own house and the surroundings to be pure and clean leads us for a better world. Our Campaigns for a clean and green environment creates a loving and caring village atmosphere.

Spiritual cleanliness begins with clean thoughts and is borne out by clean clear and pure actions which automatically lead to elevated results. Clean thoughts are positive deliberate thoughts generated by a powerful consciousness, in complete awareness of itself, God the Supreme Benefactor with the intention of selflessly serving all.

When we are conscious of creating thoughts which are full of positive energy and allowing only such thoughts to live in our consciousness is cleanliness. This not only improves the positive vibrations that surround us but also works to elevate the energy of all living and non living beings in the environment.

The next step is consciously maintaining a heightened sense of cleanliness in our immediate physical surroundings.