Brahma Kumaris, through RERF, offer various educational programmes on moral and spiritual values aimed at building a greater awareness of the worth and dignity of mankind.

An arm of the Rajyoga Education & Research Foundation, Rural Development Wing(RDW) aims to promote cleanliness, literacy, health-hygiene and self-reliance through value-based positive lifestyle in rural India. This wing is instrumental in the holistic development of rural India by empowering farmers, rural women and rural youth. A significant 40% of the contribution to world's economy is from the rural areas, where about 65% of the population of the world lives. This necessitates the overall development of villages and rural areas for the progress of any nation. Such overall development can only be achieved when rural people achieve prosperity by becoming self-sufficient and self-reliant. This brings us back to the need for base values of peace and happiness, which can be attained only through spirituality.

It is often said that peace and happiness cannot be achieved by materialism this could be considered a Universal Truth. Therefore, the Rural Development Wing of Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation wishes to inspire a spiritual revolution for the holistic development of our villages in India. Such a revolution would aim to change the awareness and consciousness of villagers, towards the positive.

The resulting positive thought processes bring many benefits by changing a person's outlook, behaviour and character and by providing the power to overcome addictions and negative personality traits. Spirituality can transform the world of an individual into a haven of love, affection, harmony and equality. Spirituality enlightens, empowers and transforms. It elevates self-esteem by making one realize the power and beauty of the soul. It makes us benevolent.

The efforts of the Rural Development Wing have brought benefit to several rural people in India through numerous camps and campaigns.
  • Spiritual Empowerment: Development of peaceful and harmonious relations among the people through spirituality.
  • Cleanliness campaigns: Conducting campaigns for Internal and physical cleanliness for hygienic living.
  • Protection of Environmental: Proper utilization of renewable natural resources.
  • Physical health: Conducting of free medical camps and educating villagers about healthy lifestyles.
  • De-Addiction camps: Through the meditation and medication addicts are encouraged to write down their story of addiction and then to burn it in a sacred fire to symbolize their pledge to leave the past behind.
  • Dairy development programs: Programs to strengthen village livelihood through cooperative initiatives.
  • Value education: Literacy campaigns and value-oriented art and cultural programs to moot the mindset of the villagers.
  • Veterinary health camps: To encourage better care, nutrition and health of livestock.
  • Programs for agricultural development: Training farmers in the use of organic manure to produce food free from chemical toxins and to reduce environmental pollution. Providing awareness to farmers of new techniques and mechanical innovations for Agricultural Advancement.
  • Tree-planting programmes: Promoting more green areas in villages.
  • Income oriented trainings: Empowering the women of the villages to form Self-help groups(SHG's). These groups also promote economic development by organizing training in handicrafts such as embroidery, weaving and other vocational trainings for self-employment etc.
  • Eradication of Social Evils: Programmes to eradicate pregnancy termination of female foetuses, child marriages, child abuse etc.
  • Youth Empowerment: Inspiring the village youth to become involved in rural development.
  • Rooting out superstitions & blind faith.
  • Building Awareness about Government Schemes: Educating the villagers about government sponsored welfare schemes and following this up wherever possible.
  • Partnership Building Programs: Forging partnerships between NGO's, Villagers and the government agencies to properly co-ordinate development activities.
In line with the Rural Development Wing's constant quest to uplift the rural world through innovative means, several projects and campaigns are initiated periodically. The most prominent include:
  • Rural Youth Empowerment Project
  • Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Project
  • All India Holistic Rural Awakening Campaign
  • Clean Golden Rural India Project
  • De-addiction Cycle Rally
  • Village Adoption Project
  • Ideal Gokul Gaon Project
  • Rural Fairs / Exhibitions
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