RERF Wings

The Academic activities
The Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation was created to systematically and effectively guide specialised service in 18 areas of society.
The Foundation provides facilities and help for research. It encourages the study and practice of the principles of truth, non-violence and spiritual values. It also helps to encourage universal values in the minds of people and promote a more value-based life-style.
After its establishment, 18 wings were formed to provide practical applications of spiritual wisdom within focussed areas through various professional courses.

Rural Development Wing-India is an agricultural country where 70% of the population resides in rural areas. After the independence the urban areas were developed but the rural areas are still undeveloped. Due to the media exposure the people in rural areas have started adopting other cultures and the ancient Indian heritage and culture is vanishing. The basic purpose of this wing is to create an awareness of the ancient spiritual culture and rekindle the values which are lost. The main aim is to make each village an ideal “Gokul Gram” by educating the people through spiritual exhibitions, campaigns and lectures.

Jurists Wing-Om Shanti Jurisprudence aims to help all human beings receive justice through understanding natural and divine laws and thereby circumventing the inadequate system of justice found in the courtrooms of today. Some of the topics covered are: Majesty of Spiritual Laws, The Divine Law and the Mundane Law, The Fundamental Principles of Life, Synthesis of Worldly Law and Spiritual Law, Balance of Love and Law and Jurist's Vision for a Better World.

Administrators' Service Wing - The trainings are designed to arm administrators with the value-based weapons necessary for them to redefine ‘society' so that it supports the growth potential of all its citizens. The wing offers courses in Stress-Free Management, The Art of Communication, Harmony in Relationships, Attitudinal Change, New Paradigm in Administration etc.

Medical Wing - The Medical wing is trying to meet the challenges of building a healthier world by introducing a Holistic approach in Health care. It aims to eradicate disease and suffering by spreading awareness about all aspects of health and by using the combined therapies of medication and meditation to restore health. Meditation is a process of relaxing the mind and the body. It triggers a relaxation response within the body by which various biological parameters are set right. By conducting health seminars and drug awareness campaigns the medical wing aims to save the young generation from tobacco, alcohol and substance abuse.

Business and Industry Wing - The wing aims to promote ethical values in business and industry so as to attain excellence and efficiency with the help of meditation and ancient spiritual wisdom. The wing has also devised a Self-Managing Leadership Programme which is a synthesis of the best modern management practices of the West and the Self-Managing principles of Rajyoga. The programme is designed by the wing in collaboration with B.k. Brian Bacon and B.k. Marc Fourcade who are leading international management consultants.

The Politicians Service Wing - The wing aims to support politicians in their difficult task of leadership in these tumultuous times. In the modern world, politics attracts very little appreciation. Much of this is due to a history of corruption and graft which has led people to a response of mistrust. Part of the wing's objective is to encourage and support those politicians who are working from a set of principles that guard their integrity at each step. It is this aspect of values that has heretofore been missing in the political arenas of recent times.

Youth Wing - Over 50,000 young people have joined the wing as part of their commitment to their own personal growth and enhancement of the abilities of mental concentration and self-confidence so as to achieve an integrated and developed personality. These young people are providing hope for many of their peers who are seeking happiness and a positive vision for the future. They are inspiring youth to follow values. The wing has devised a special course known as “Project Positive Change”. The topics covered are: What is Positive Change, Positivity in Relations, Positive Personality - a new goal, Spiritual Powers and Positive life style, We Can Be What We Want To Be, etc.

Education Wing- Today the standard of morality is moving in a downward trend. Education can play an important role in re-establishing higher values in the society. The Education Wing is committed to meet the challenge by promoting values through education and research work, so as to arouse the divine consciousness of the student. The main purpose of the activities of the Education Wing is to strengthen confidence, to develop courage and commitment to the mission of life. For this, it has prepared a syllabus and curriculum for imparting training in values. It also conducts training courses for teachers both at its headquarters and other places of the country. The notable feature of the whole exercise in value education is its belief that values can be taught only when the students are initiated into spirituality.

Art & Culture Wing - The wing believes that the culture of any community, organisation or country is a natural and direct reflection of the spiritual and moral values it embodies. With this the wing continues to research and develop a global cultural base drawn from the spiritual teachings of Rajyoga. As a part of an international network, the cultural wing fulfils its global responsibilities towards inventing a global culture through various activities.

Social Service Wing - The main purpose of the wing is to bring the social organisations together and inspire them to a spiritual orientation in their social service. Education and training is offered to social workers, helping them to develop a new and more effective way of working in the community. This wing also works to heighten awareness against superstitions, rituals, social evils such as bride burning, child marriage etc. Another aim of this wing is to participate fully, in this country and abroad, in the creation of a new social order where happiness and peace prevail.

Womens' Service Wing - The founder of the organisation foresaw that towards the end of the century, the dominance paradigm would have a complete strangle hold on humanity. And so, because of this commitment towards bringing about a new world order, he began to respect, uplift and educate women to be the leaders, by bringing the virtues of the goddess into our hearts and into our actions. Through example and the way, they treat their children, women directly influence the character development of their young. The women generally have the capacity to provide a loving environment. They are encouraged to do so by making the family a place where family members can be without tension and can feel that essential quality of belongingness. In order to have the inner strength to ‘keep giving' they themselves need to learn how to fill themselves with power.

Media Wing - The Media Wing works in support of the institution in the bid to uplift humanity through spreading the knowledge of applied spiritual values as found in the teachings of Rajyoga. Both, nationally and internationally, the wing is experiencing a lot of co-operation from various areas of the media. A network of concerned journalists throughout the world are committed to bringing positive news into the press and are taking up the responsibility of influencing society in a positive way.

Sports Wing - The basic purpose of this wing is to help sportspersons to understand the psychological aspects for enhancing sports performance as they have to face the challenge of competition. Sometimes, it happens that they are unable to tap their potential in the moment it counts, even though they are able to achieve higher standards, something inside is blocked and their whole preparation becomes worthless. Therefore, the wing focuses on the development of inner strength and the improvement of the inner state of mind through which one can achieve an optimum level of concentration, motivation and relaxation.

Transport and Travel Wing- is a service wing for Civil Aviation, Road, Railway, Marine and Tourism sectors. The wing co-ordinates and organises programmes to enhance concentration for excellence in their profession. The basic purpose of this wing is to train people to have a balanced state of mind with controlled emotions to overcome anger, and give up drugs and alcohol by self-discipline. To build up self-confidence by concentration of mind train them to explore spiritual powers to achieve success.

Security Services Wing – Military & Para Military forces play a vital role to defend the vast frontiers of our fast-developing country. Spiritual Orientation Programme (SOP) has been developed to enhance the efficiency, build up integrated personality and develop potential to cope with the excessive stress associated with the hazardous life style of the officers dealing with border security as well as industrial & internal security. The SOP course motivates these officers who wish to break all the personal limitations and wish to become masters of self and all situation. Hence, the course also covers up the role of spirituality and leadership during combat in war as well as peace time situations.

SpARC – Spiritual Applications Research Centre has been established to conduct and promote research into various branches of science to enhance our understanding of reality as well as to find applications of spirituality to overcome problems facing humanity. There is a growing consensus that the worlds of scientific knowledge and spiritual understanding are coming closer, recognising their need to complement each other's specialities in creating a better world.
Science has been highly successful in unlocking some of the secrets of the universe. It has made it possible to harness the power of the atom as well as to explore the mystery of the universe. Spirituality on the other hand, has provided humanity with a map to follow human and moral values to keep the fabrics of society together.

SpARC aims to promote research into various aspects of spirituality and its application to different fields such as physics, medical science, psychology, economics and to give a new understanding and outlook on history, geography and politics. It will help individuals and institutions through the following methods: Inviting specialists to do research and enhance their understanding of the physical and the metaphysical.

Inspiring scientists and research scholars to channel their creative potential towards the establishing/building a better world.
Initiating joint projects with other institutions and individuals for sharing similar goals.
Providing an infrastructure based on electronic communication facilities to make collaborative work by experts around the world.
Developing a library of reference material on diverse subjects related to the above research and providing facilities to research scientists to conduct experiments for the same.